How to Buy Facebook Likes


The Definitive Guide to Buying Facebook Likes

So you want to buy facebook likes but unsure where to start?

Here’s five quick tips for those searching!

  1. Make sure the likes are real – A lot of unsavoury characters will use software programs to give you likes that have no value whatsoever.
  2. Make sure the likes come from Australia – A lot of facebook like sellers will give you likes from countries like India and Pakistan. They provide no value and can actually hurt your facebook page.
  3. Never give over your login details – A proper facebook seller should never require your login details. NEVER!
  4. Make sure they provide proper support – There’s nothing worse than handing over your money then getting no communication from the seller. Why not send an email through first and confirm theres someone on the other end?
  5. Do they provide secure payment methods? – Do you really want to give over your credit card details to someone in a foreign country – NO! Use a seller that utilises a payment method like PayPal to ensure your credit card safety.